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 St. Mary’s Institute for Young Ladies and Gentlemen.

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St. Mary’s Institute for Young Ladies and Gentlemen.  Empty
PostSubject: St. Mary’s Institute for Young Ladies and Gentlemen.    St. Mary’s Institute for Young Ladies and Gentlemen.  I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 03, 2012 8:38 pm

Located in Paris, St. Mary’s is the only boarding school in all France which caters to both young boys and girls. In an era where females attend finishing school and males go off to become gentlemen, St. Mary’s offers education to both with its selection of stand up staff and clergy. At St. Mary’s, the students are not only educated in the ways of the world but also in ways of the soul with regular mass every Sunday on the roof as well as evening prayers in the school’s chapel on the ground floor.

Easily one of the most beautiful buildings in the whole country, the school boasts coloured stained glass windows and luxurious wood panelling among its furnishings. Both the male and female dormitories are clean, spacious and comfortable and classes are taught in brisk and professional fashion. The young ladies and gentlemen only interact at meal times, during prayers and in classes. However, during sports, the ladies are allowed outside to witness the games. St. Mary’s polo and croquet team currently holds the gold for its under seventeen league.

During summers and springs, lessons in horse riding are also provided, co-ed. St. Mary’s is considered too forwards by some as it encourages students of both genders to interact but most of the population hails it as a step forwards for France. St. Mary’s is quite the controversial school to send one’s children to, depending on which circle you are discussing it in. It is also costly enough to be deemed a fashionable or trendy institute.

Below is candid shot of St. Mary’s students:
St. Mary’s Institute for Young Ladies and Gentlemen.  Stmary

Take note that any student caught trying to escape Sunday mass or evening prayers will be disciplined harshly.
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St. Mary’s Institute for Young Ladies and Gentlemen.
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