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 Downton Academy

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Founded in the thirteen hundreds, the Downton Academy of Magic is the oldest Magical school in France and the only one of its kind. Before Downton, magical learning tended to be individualized or exclusive to small areas where the local wizarding children could practice spells under the supervision of an adult. However, the creation of the school at such a scale revolutionized magical learning throughout the country and now, children from all over France attend this prestigious Institute. Downton is known for its secure location, experienced instructors and holistic education programs.

The school is structured like a basic castle with four towers and a main keep. The north tower houses the female students, the South, the males. The West tower is reserved for staff and students are prohibited from entering the East tower unless supervised by a member of staff. All students take their meals and have their indoor lessons at the Great Keep. Outdoor lessons take place in the castle grounds or even sometimes in the hilly area near which the school is built.

The menagerie houses any pets the students wish to bring. Most pets are allowed if they are not dangerous but no animal is allowed in the student’s quarters. All students are expected to safely lock up their pets in the menagerie at night unless they wish their pets to roam the hillside and get in trouble – in which case the school will not be held responsible.

All classes are mandatory for students up to fourth year after which they can lessen their load by taking a minimum of four subjects. Special classes for ladies and gentlemen which will cover dancing, needlework, manners and the likes are also mandatory. All students are expected to maintain a passing grade in their classes.

Downton uniforms are as follows:
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Additionally, all young ladies are required to wear the school hat when outdoors. Similarly, all young gentlemen are required to carry a bamboo cane.
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Downton Academy
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