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 Warlock at War - Issue #5

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Warlock at War - Issue #5 Empty
PostSubject: Warlock at War - Issue #5   Warlock at War - Issue #5 I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 3:16 am

Lady Gabriella’s Name Day Ball

Students of Downton, as you may know our own second year student, Lady Gabriella Peverell turns thirteen soon and to celebrate the occasion, her Lord Grandfather is holding a ball open to all students and staff of Downton. Yes, in an extreme show of generosity, even the school staff is invited to the event which will be held at the St. Mary’s ballroom in Paris. All students wishing to attend will be escorted by teachers unless they are familiar with the Paris area and can make their way themselves. Please make sure to carry a wand but to only use it if absolutely necessary as Muggles might also be present. Everyone attending it required to dress in Muggle fashion - in keeping with Lord Peverell’s request.

Those not wishing to attend are free to remain at school and follow their regular time tables. The ball will be held on Friday the 13th.
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Warlock at War - Issue #5
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