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 Clove "Clover" Engel

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Clove Engel

Clove Engel

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PostSubject: Clove "Clover" Engel   Clove "Clover" Engel I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 09, 2012 4:31 am

Name: Clove “Clover” Engel
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Nationality: Germany
Blood Status/Social Status: Obscure House -still considers himself Lower Middle Class
Hobbies/Preferences: He fondly looks out of windows, counting down the minutes that he’ll be outside. Clover has a soft spot for animals. Given free time, one can find him either tending to the garden or in the menagerie house –looking after the pets, primarily focusing on the canines.

Prior to working for Downtown Academy, he fed himself with wild game. While he is skilled with archery, Clover prefers to lay down traps.
Birth date: Feb. 14, 1659
Health: Bruises easily, regularly feels unwell for a period of three to four days –something about phantom pain. Succumbs to shin splints on a somewhat regular basis.


Work place: Downtown Academy
Designation: Herbology's Teaching Assistant/General Apprentice
Education: Downtown Academy
Notes about your job: Essentially it involves running errands, grading assignments, maintaining the garden, and talking shop with his superior.


Posture: Self-assured, shoulders set back and the chin lifted to meet anyone’s gaze.
Build: Worrisome thin with little muscle tone, alarmingly tall.
Hair: Blonde, the longest lock between his shoulder blades.
Eyes: Grey, depending on a variety of factors can take on a mischievous jade coloration.
Face: Soft without much definition with the exception of his high cheekbones. Two bay birthmarks, two centimeters apart, near the right curl of his relatively full lips. Moderately thick amber eyebrows contrast his light hair.
Tattoos/Scars: On the right hip, Clover has a tattoo of a lamb sleeping –with a list of foreign characters. A few scars mar his hands from manual labor. A few deep scars are on his back –from a rough reception in England.
Glasses/monocle:. Glasses, if he cares to see something from a good distance away –rarely worn though.
Left/Right handed: Neither, ambidextrous.
Clothing: Rough, dull fabric that has been subjected to traveling in harsh conditions. He’s got two pairs of shoes, one for every day use and another reserved for special occasions. They have a bit of heel to them since Clover is a fashionable man, after all.

He’s often without his coat, something about it being too hot.
Accessories:. He brandishes a silver wedding band (currently no longer applicable, it's in Lissette Marie Loisel's possession)


Mother: Wilhelmina “Billie” Engel
Father: Apollonius “Apollo” Rosario
Siblings: Hannelore Engel (22)
Other family/relation of note: A grumpy Uncle, his mother’s brother. He met his father once –doesn’t know his side of the family.
Pet: None.

Write a paragraph or so about your character so we can get a gist of him/her. Include anything of note in relevance to the character:

Cooking beside his mum and half sister, he often cleaned after the two. Billie worked as a servant for one of the more well to do families. And Hannelore rarely acted her age. They never stayed in a single place for long. It could’ve been because the wind spoke to Billie or more likely –Hannelore did something scandalous. Regardless, they left in the night.

His relatively peaceful life was interrupted with the war. Each village was required to come up with a certain amount of men. Clover’s village, at the time, had ten families –none of them too eager to give up their boys. As such, Clove took to arms at thirteen against his mother’s protests and his half-sister’s pleas.

He never looked back. Once the war came to an abrupt and unsatisfactory truce, the boy began to travel. Clover acquired a few skills here and there. It wasn't uncommon for him to rough it out in the woods. Until someone in a nearby town took him in and he began working as a farmhand or sold/bartered his wild game.

His mother refuses to forgive him for leaving, but Hannelore sends letters his way once he settles down in a location. Now older and with a few children of her own, Hannelore has taken up residence in England with a stout merchant.
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Clove "Clover" Engel
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