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  Zoe Rousseau

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Zoe Rousseau

Zoe Rousseau

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PostSubject: Zoe Rousseau    Zoe Rousseau I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 06, 2012 9:59 am


Name: Zoe Rousseau
Age: 19, roughly.
Sex: female
Nationality: French, Parisian
Blood Status/Social Status: working class, uncertain parentage
Hobbies/Preferences: looking at all the beautiful churches on her way to and from work.
Birth date: don’t know real one but celebrate October 13, the day they met Monsieur Lochlann
Health: back hurts from long hours sometimes.


Work place: Avenue de Augustins, started from Rue Galilée at age fifteen.
Designation: escort
Education: no formal Education
Notes about your job: has been working at Monsieur Lochlann’s for the last four years with her twin sister. Monsieur Lochlann took them in off the streets and gave them a job and they’ve always been grateful to him for that.


Posture: lower class slump
Build: hourglass figure
Hair: red
Eyes: bright blue
Face: warn, pleasant
Tattoos/Scars: has a mole above her left hip
Glasses/monocle: -
Left/Right handed: right
Clothing: in style, required for the profession
Accessories: -


Mother: unsure
Father: unsure
Siblings: twin sister, Suzette
Other family/relation of note: -
Pet: -

Write a paragraph or so about your character so we can get a gist of him/her. Include anything of note in relevance to the character:

Suzette and Zoe were orphans, or maybe they weren’t and were just thrown out because they were suspected of being witches due to their vivid red hair. All Zoe remembers is that she grew up on the streets of Paris, begging, stealing and going hungry when the first two didn’t work. Her sister was always with her but even together they couldn’t do much. Until one day the saw a foreigner on the street and decided to steal from his. Zoe liked him because he had red hair too and Suzette liked him because he looked rich and would have a full money pouch. They got caught but instead of punishing them, he put both girls to work.
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Zoe Rousseau
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