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 Aedan Lochlann

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Aedan Lochlann
Aedan Lochlann

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Name: Aedan Eoin Lochlann
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Nationality: Irish
Blood Status/Social Status: Mixed blood
Hobbies/Preferences: All things pleasurable and above all the pleasure of a woman.
Birth date: 1611
Health: Strong as a boulder


Work place: Brothels
Designation: Owner
Education: Mr. Colfer's back yard.
Notes about your job: Aedan never has any complaints about his job except the times when drunk brutes barge in creating problems and ruining his mood


Posture: Straight
Build: Lean and strong
Hair: Red and short
Eyes: Rusty red - brown
Face: Long, well defined
Tattoos/Scars: Scars on his right knee
Glasses/monocle: none
Left/Right handed: Left
Clothing: Silk flowing robes.
Accessories: Golden pocket watch


Mother: Caoilainn Lochlann
Father: Eoin Lochlann
Siblings: Nora Lochlann
Other family/relation of note: All except Aedan are muggles and are all back in the old country
Pet: Dark brown owl, Elen and a dalmatian named Louis

Aedan had a difficult beginning as he was not the only wizard in his family but also his whole village in Ireland. Nobody except his parents and later on his sister knew about it and that's what made life for him difficult. He attended school like all the rest of them and started working at an early age as an apprentice to the blacksmith as to support his family. He was seventeen when he met an actual wizard for the first time in his life. He was working as a magician in a travelling muggle group. This chance encounter with someone like him changed his course of life. After much pleading and begging the wizard accepted Aedan as his student and assistant. Ever since he left with the wizard on the road to mystery and magic he has only once returned to his village at the age of twenty-five. However, he always sent money and gifts to his family without fail. Today Aedan lives and extravagant life in Paris. He is the owner of some of the finest brothels of the city as well as the cheapest. From the richest and the noblest to the poorest and the worthless, he knows everybody and everybody knows him.
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Aedan Lochlann
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