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 Lissette Marie Loisel (student)

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Lissette Loisel

Lissette Loisel

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PostSubject: Lissette Marie Loisel (student)    Lissette Marie Loisel (student)  I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 05, 2012 1:12 am


Name: Lissette Marie Loisel
Age: 11
Sex: Female
Nationality: French
Blood Status/Social Status: Uncertain blood status, lower middle class, falls under the jurisdictions of a minor wizarding house in Paris that pays homage to the Noirs.
Hobbies/Preferences: Flying, offensive spellwork, politics, debates
Birth date: 6th September, 1663
Health: Slightly pale with lanky hair due to malnourishment in her early years. Much better now thanks to regular, healthy meals and a steady home.


School: Downton Academy of Magic
Year: First
Favourite subject: A tie between History and Flying
Least favourite subject: Home Economics – Needlework
Best thing about school: The opportunity to play Quidditch and race (even if secretly)
Worst thing about school: Needlework


Posture: Straight
Build: Slender
Hair: Dark brown, wavy, waist length, untied and unpinned when she can get away with it. Often stuffed under a cap when she doesn’t want to be recognized.
Eyes: Dark brown
Face: Unusually fair with no blemishes
Tattoos/Scars: numerous from working at home or in her backyard or from scuffles with her older brother. Nothing permanent.
Glasses/monocle: None
Left/Right handed: Left handed
Clothing: Three dresses in total excluding school uniforms. One green, one blue and one white. Tries to wear the white least as it gets dirty quicker.
Accessories: Small ring with an engraved lily her brother sent her for her eleventh birthday. Wears it threaded through a bit of string around her neck.


Mother: Mathilde Loisel
Father: Gustav Loisel
Siblings: Loras Loisel (15) and Lynette Loisel (2)
Other family/relation of note: Various aunts, uncles and cousins
Pet: None

Write a paragraph or so about your character so we can get a gist of him/her. Include anything of note in relevance to the character:

Lissette grow up in a lower middle class family where food and shelter was often about the only thing her parents could manage. Her father works odd magical jobs while her mother is an assistant cook at St. Mary’s Institute for Young Ladies and Gentlemen. Her best friend growing up has been her brother, Loras who always treated her like a boy and taught her things her parents would not approve of – like flying and offensive spellwork.

Due to their socioeconomic status, Loras could not attend a school but now that he has been hired as an apprentice by a wand maker, her parents’ meager savings and his contribution combined are enough to send Lissette to school. She misses her brother bitterly at times and writes to him as often as she can.

Lissette has always been a constant source of disappointment to her parents. She is too wilful and interested in things a witch has no business being interested in. Her parents didn’t have any high hopes for her to start with, simply wanted her to go to school and later get married to a respectable boy but now it seems that too is unlikely. Lissette’s aunts always predict doom in the girl’s future due to her “wild” ways.

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Lissette Loisel

Lissette Loisel

Posts : 967
Join date : 2012-02-05

Lissette Marie Loisel (student)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lissette Marie Loisel (student)    Lissette Marie Loisel (student)  I_icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2012 6:41 am

Character Update – Year One at Downton Academy


Gabriella Peverell: Best friend/confidante. A girl from a Noble House who befriended Lissette after the downriver girl cut the aristocrat our of a corset. The two have been fast friends since.

Alexis Malfoy (NPC): A girl who never misses a chance to make fun of Lissette’s social standing. Lissette named her pet squirrel after Alexis to annoy the girl.

Thomas Clement: Another student from a Noble House whom Lissette tentatively befriended after a rocky start and a rockier middle. In order to quell all the nasty rumours Alexis spreads about the two, Lissette now officially serves as ward to Lord Clement, Thomas’ father.

Loras Loisel: Older brother whom she loves more than anyone else in the world. Loras and Lissette look like twins despite the three year age difference between them. Everyone in Flint colony downriver always quotes the words Loras left ingrained in them before going away for his apprenticeship in Lyon – you hurt her, I hurt you.

Lynnette Loisel: Also known as Lynnie, is Lissette’s four year old sister. Having yet displayed any signs of magic, she goes to work with her mother and is a very bright, outgoing child. Refers to Thomas Clement as “Prince”, Lissette as “Lissy” and Loras as “Lolas”.

Most significant Event

Being appointed Lord Clement’s ward as this gives her good reason to study politics and history. Also improves her social standing among her peers seeing as even if she’s not from a Noble House, she is now warded by one. However, her pickier classmates never let her forget where she’s really from. Lissette, in turn does everything she can to be a good ward, following His Lordship’s instructions and doing her best to make him proud of her. Over time, she has come to realize Lord Clement is an extremely sharp man and acknowledges that she can learn a lot from him.
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Lissette Marie Loisel (student)
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