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 Thomas Clement (Student)

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Thomas Clement

Thomas Clement

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PostSubject: Thomas Clement (Student)   Thomas Clement (Student) I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 04, 2012 6:23 pm

Name: Thomas Clement
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Nationality: French/English
Blood Status/Social Status: Pureblood
Hobbies/Preferences: Quidditch, socialising, being outdoors.
Birth date: 01/09/1663
Health: No health issues.

School: Downton Academy of Magic
Year: Third Year
Favourite subject: Flying.
Least favourite subject: Potions.
Best thing about school: Meeting new people.
Worst thing about school: The homework!

Posture: Confident and strong.
Build: Strong physique coming through, will be more prominent when older. Bigger than most people his age.
Hair: Brown and short, always kept neat.
Eyes: Icy blue/green
Face: Slim face, jaw line highly defined.
Tattoos/Scars: None.
Glasses/monocle:. None.
Left/Right handed: Right.
Clothing: Higher class clothing, nothing will ever look anything less than perfect. If holes or the like come through then they would be replaced. Always up to date with the latest trends.
Accessories: Small dagger concealed under cloak, for personal protection.

Mother: Anne Clement (Nee Noir)
Father: Louis Clement
Siblings: None.
Other family/relation of note: None.
Pet: None.

Write a paragraph or so about your character so we can get a gist of him/her. Include anything of note in relevance to the character:
Thomas is a strong character brought up in France by both parents. He has always been taught that any blood less than his is someone not to be dabbled with, and that people who are poor are also no good for him either. Although he has been taught this and has some prejudices towards the people, he is willing to give them a chance. He dislikes people who don't understand what is currently going on around them in the world, and is very switched on for his age. From a young age he has been taught simple spells at home, and also practiced in the art of hand to hand combat. Thomas has yet to make any friends that haven't been other children who are forced on him, so is slightly apprehensive of coming to school, it will be a bit of a shock to him. Rules are also not his forte.

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Thomas Clement

Thomas Clement

Posts : 699
Join date : 2012-02-04
Location : Versailles, France

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PostSubject: First Year   Thomas Clement (Student) I_icon_minitimeTue May 08, 2012 12:10 am


Lissette Loisel: Thomas' closest friend in and out of school. Meeting through many differences, their relationship has become much stronger, and Lissette has allowed his eyes to be opened to many things he would never have seen otherwise.

Alexis Malfoy (NPC): A girl of the same year that makes it her sole ambition to upset Thomas through Lissette, though he has to go very careful what he does say around the girl, with them being of equal status.

Mycah: The farm hand that Thomas threatened in the first week of school after being beaten in a bet on brooms. The boys now understand one another a little better, though Mycah insists on his formalities. Mycah is someone Thomas feels he can confide almost anything with.

Loras Loisel: Thomas met Loras at the wedding he went to down river, and it soon became apparent that Loras ruled Lissette's world. He made an agreement with the older boy to protect his sister, though it didn't stand for more than a week, Thomas had since vowed to do all he could to make sure he could keep to it, and control his anger. Thomas looks up to Loras, both in awe and fear.

Lynnette Loisel: Lynnette took to Thomas from the moment they met, and he likes to treat her like a little sister. The girl calls him "Prince", much to Thomas' amusement. On first meeting he gave the girl money enough to buy herself a present and will try to make the little girl's life as comfortable as he can without upsetting either Lissette or her mother.

Selyse Florent: A girl who has taken to Thomas from the beginning of second year after his triumphant ride in his fathers tourney. She likes to put herself in Thomas' way so that his attention is on her.

Gabriella Peverell: Though the pair talk little, Thomas likes the girl, and knows that the friendship between Lissette and her are as fierce as any. Gabby has been known to stand up in defence of both Lissette and himself, and he admires her bravery.

Most significant Event

Lissette taking Thomas to a downriver wedding was the most significant point of the year. He learned how Lissette's family lived and the different kind of ceremony that took place than that of the one he was accustomed to. The wedding also opened his eyes, after he was scolded for telling Lynnette stories that were deemed inappropriate and for meeting Old Man Hobb in his house of squalor. It allowed Thomas to see a different view of the land he thought he knew so well.
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Thomas Clement (Student)
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