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 Character Rules

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PostSubject: Character Rules    Character Rules  I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 03, 2012 5:56 pm

One character per person unless otherwise permitted by the admin. However, if a character of yours has died or is inactive (in a coma, missing in action, etc) then you may create another.

Your username should be the first and last name of your character. Ex: John Smith. We do not encourage three word usernames though your character or you may note it in their profile.

To maximize your experience on the site, we encourage everyone to start off as an eleven year old, be it Wizard or Muggle. Of course, being eleven years old also means you have no extraordinary powers. You may have your strengths and weaknesses (Mary is afraid of heights but rather fond of reading) but you cannot perform complicated spells, do martial arts, know the secrets of the pyramids or read minds. All powers you will achieve will be through your hard work and believe us; it will be worth it in the end.

If you choose to play a teacher at any one of the schools, please contact myself or Aedan Lochlann and we will work from there. Please specify which magical or Muggle subject you wish to teach and how you would go about it in your application.

Due to the plot of the story, a lot of you may have to pretend you’re from a pure blood family but the sad truth is, you all can’t be. Try to create as realistic a character as you can. Not all magical students can be from wealthy, pure blood lines and not all Muggles can be related to the French – or any - royalty. Also, all of you can’t be from abusive, broken families. Again, the aim is to create a realistic character.

Once you’ve created a profile using the template provided, post it in the appropriate section, Wizard or Muggle. If you’re a Squib, that’s still classified as non magical.

**Rules are subject to amendment as the admins see fit
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Character Rules
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