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 Flora Deslorie

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Flora Deslorie

Flora Deslorie

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PostSubject: Flora Deslorie    Flora Deslorie  I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 08, 2012 1:54 am

Name: Flora Deslorie
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Nationality: French
Blood Status/Social Status: Half-blood
Hobbies/Preferences: Read and write. Particularly writing poetry.
Birth date: November 17 1663
Health: Perfectly healthy.


School: Downton
Year: Third
Favourite subject: Defense against the dark arts
Least favourite subject: Herbology
Best thing about school: The atmosphere
Worst thing about school: Homesickness


Build: Petite
Hair: Blond, curly and long.
Eyes: Blue
Face: Freckles across the bridge of nose, button nose, full lips and long eyelashes.
Tattoos/Scars: Heart shaped scar on right thigh
Glasses/monocle:. Glasses
Left/Right handed: Right
Clothing: School uniform
Accessories:. Emerald necklace


Mother: Susan Deslorie
Father: Charles Deslorie
Siblings: Two brothers, Mark Deslorie and Samuel Deslorie
Other family/relation of note:
Pet: Barn owl.

Write a paragraph or so about your character so we can get a gist of him/her. Include anything of note in relevance to the character:
She is a honestly nice person and she enjoys being around other people. Her physical appearance may often change as she is a metamorphagus but her bubbly personalty makes her easy to recognize. She's a bright girl and doesn't go looking for trouble, but often, it finds her.
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Flora Deslorie
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