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 Carlotta Romano

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Carlotta Romano

Carlotta Romano

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Name: Carlotta Romano
Age: Twenties
Sex: Female
Nationality: Mantuan (An Italian city state)
Blood Status/Social Status: Nymphomaniac, her euphemism for a high-class strumpet.
Hobbies/Preferences: Toying with the sweet and innocent as well as exploring the pleasures this world has to offer.
Birth date: May 4th
Health: Perfectly fine, occasionally she suffers from a harsh hand. It happens. She knows how to clean herself up.


Work place: Merlin Square
Designation: Lady of the Evening
Education: Some formal education: however she credits autodidacticism and the world at large for her knowledge.
Notes about your job: The keeper of men's hearts and the secrets that burden them. And contrary to popular belief, many men aren't there for the sex, but to share what's on their mind without having to fear judgement. And sometimes a romp in the sack, but there's more to the job than that!


Posture: Coquettish
Build: The ever sought after hourglass silhouette.
Hair: Obsidian.
Eyes: Darkest mahogany you'll ever lay your eyes on.
Face: Takes after a diamond likeness. Relatively thick eyebrows bring focus to those almond-shaped eyes that dynamically change from a haughty half-lidded appearance to a sharp appraisal. Not quite full lips accompany a diminutive pointed nose.
Tattoos/Scars: None, but you can check for yourself. If you don't take my word for it.
Glasses/monocle: Only at the client's request, she has no need for such things.
Left/Right handed: Left-handed: however, her father straightened things out. She uses her right hand like all good Catholic girls do.
Clothing: Every bit as capricious as she is -it rarely stays on for long. The general theme is: extravagant and fabulous. It's a given that it shows off the body she's so very proud to display.
Accessories: Changes according to her mood or her next client, they appreciate seeing her deigning to wear their gifts.


Mother: Maria de Luca
Father: Raphael Romano
Siblings: Not Applicable
Other family/relation of note: Not Applicable
Pet: Clove Engel (Just kidding!)

Write a paragraph or so about your character so we can get a gist of him/her. Include anything of note in relevance to the character:

There was a time in which life was simple. It all began in Duchy of Mantua based in Northern Italy's lowlands or at least for her it did. Within the territory of Lombardy's lowlands, her father seduced her impressionable, sweet mother into eloping with him in a place where no one knew of them or their families.

He had been made an outcast, a black sheep of a discarded line of royals from the Papal States. Oh, so he claimed. Carlotta never believed a word from that bitter man. The economy in their small village depended on agriculture and wool. Her father held tight to his belt, never hesitant to reprimand his only daughter (a strong-willed one at that) under the rationale: spare the rod and spoil the child. Not that it made him particularly religious, Raphael only was such a thing when it was to his benefit.

Beloved Maria was a weak woman. A devout Catholic that only disobeyed her husband once: to name her daughter something unique in the hopes she would one day make something out of herself. Maria would regal her child with fantastical stories of wealth as they lived day by day trying to subsist off the land. Her mother came from a well-to family, but her father's pride demanded, "If you wed me, you leave your family's money." And so she did.

When of age (thirteen), Carlotta received the news. Her father sold her off to some earnest and plain boy son of a merchant. She had higher aspirations. She left a note for her mother and ran far away from that awful village. Carlotta didn't get far on her own when she crossed paths with a merchant on his way to France. He offered her passage and the young girl didn't realize it wasn't for free. The merchant reached France, only to sell off the small town virgin to a place of ill repute. She managed to buy her freedom and went to Paris with what little she had left in coin. There she faced a dilemma. By choice, Carlotta went back to the pleasure industry to survive.

The years have changed her. These cruel streets can do that to you. Carlotta forgot the dream that compelled her to run from home. Instead, she indulges in immediate gratification. The woman comforts herself in her freedom and ignores this nagging feeling that she has forgotten something important. She’s not quite as wild as before when she would be the root cause of a family feud, but the woman has a knack for bringing trouble about.
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Carlotta Romano
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