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 Rules of Role Playing

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Rules of Role Playing Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Role Playing   Rules of Role Playing I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 03, 2012 5:29 pm

All posts must be of at least twenty five words in length. You are more than encouraged to go a lot over that sum but twenty five is the minimal number of words your replies need to be for them to be counted as thoughtful and substantial.

No God modding. We cannot stress this enough. Even if you feel it is a small thing, others might not. Any instances where you control the actions of another character need to be cleared with the poster in question. Please also add a note at the bottom in parenthesis ex: (OOC: Peter said Jack could punch him).

No bullying of any kind. Again, we cannot stress this enough. Bullying is an epidemic that hasn’t spared RPGs and if we notice even the smallest evidence of it, the bully will be dealt with strictly. Remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything about them at all. Also take note that all rivalries within the game must be agreed on mutually, as should their consequences.

All threads containing violence, sexual situation and other mature content should be marked clearly so no one stumbles on them by accident.

No thread Jacking. If a thread is closed or exclusive to a specific group of people that does not include you, you are not allowed to post in it. Ex: Going up the long, winding staircase (Jack and Mary only).

Respect everyone’s opinion even if you personally disagree with it. Also, try and steer clear of touchy topics like politics, religion, sexual orientation and the likes. Remember, we’re here to have fun.

If you ever find yourself unsure at any point on what to do, please contact myself or Aedan Lochlann, whether it be regarding rule clarification, possible bullying instances or if you don’t get the storyline. Our inbox is always open to you. Smile
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Rules of Role Playing
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